Fairtrade Gold

Fairtrade Gold the world’s first independent ethical certification system for gold. This is more than just gold, it’s gold with heart.

Buying Fairtrade Gold jewellery means you are supporting small-scale miners to receive a fair deal for their hard work. Therefore protecting the environment and making life better for themselves and their communities.

My Truly Madly Fairly Ethical Gold Wedding Rings and Truly Madly Fairly Ethical Gold Engagement Rings bear a discreet FAIRTRADE Gold Mark. As a result, the stamp provides you with assurance that the gold in your jewellery is Fairtrade certified and fully traceable.

Sourced ethically and sustainably from certified small-scale mines Fairtrade Gold is an international standard for workers’ rights and environmental protection.

The Fairtrade Premium

There are approximately 30 million artisanal miners worldwide.  Often illegal, informal set ups an estimated 100 million people small-scale mining to support their families and communities, the second largest workforce after agriculture.

As artisanal miners are often unaware of market prices as middlemen buy their gold for less than 65% of its true value.  This keeps the miners in a poverty trap, where they are dependant on the middlemen who also supply mercury to the miners for the amalgamation process. Most artisanal miners earn less than $2 a day.

Fairtrade Gold ensures miners receive 95% of the value of the gold they mine.

The gold miners receive a Fairtrade Premium of $2,000.00 per kilogram of fine gold on top of the guaranteed Fairtrade Minimum Price of 95% of the internationally agreed price of gold.  This enables miners to collectively improve local health care, education and the needs of the local community.

Child Labour

Due to poverty children are often forced to work in small-scale mines to bring in extra money for their families.  Because of the dangers and physical strains of mining The International Labour Organistion lists mining as one of the worst forms of child labour.

Fairtrade mines must have a Child Protection Policy and not use child labour.